Precious Babies Reacting to Their Dad’s Returning Home Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

There is nothing more healthy and wonderful than a child’s relationship with his or her parents. While babies may not be able to communicate effectively, we all share a universal language of love.

In a Youtube compilation, a variety of little cuties have a smile-inducing reaction to their dad’s coming home. It’s impossible not to smile from ear to ear when these little tikes get so excited over their favorite guy.

One reunion shows a baby peeking through the blinds as her father’s car pulls up after work. Another showcases a father in scrubs just getting home from work when his precious baby bursts with excitement.

When one father walks through the door, his daughter points up and exclaims, “Dad,” in the most excited voice. It’s clear that fathers and their children hold an extraordinary bond, unlike anything else.