The Father With Many Children Made A Touching Video About How His Wife Deftly Copes With The Quadruplets

The Gardner couple had not been able to give birth to a child for eight long years, since Ashley had some health problems.

However, this was not a reason to divorce.

Visa verse, the love became stronger and the couple decided to reach their dream.

The doctors upset the couple with the news that most likely Ashley will not be able to get pregnant on their own.

Therefore, they decided on IVF.

“It really hurts when you want to, but you can’t become a mother,” says Ashley.

Later, Gardiner himself was informed at the ultrasound that they would have four babies.

The couple was very happy.

There is no word to describe the size of their happiness and gratitude.

After a while, two pairs of identical twins were born.

At first, young parents were very worried that they would not be able to raise four children at once.

But, judging by the video, they do it perfectly!

And if you are expecting more than one child at once, we advice to watch this video and get inspiration, since it is possible to cope with daily routine with many children as long as you appreciate their existence in your life.