Man retires and decides to spend all of his time cuddling premature newborns

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Most people’s retirement plans involve traveling to new places and spending more time around family. But David Deutchman has done something very different.

The nurses at Scottish Rite Hospital, Atlanta, call David Deutchman “The Baby Whisperer.” And over the last 15 years, he’s certainly earned that nickname.

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When David Deutchman retired, he was looking for something to fill his time. That’s when he heard about the “baby buddy” program at Scottish Rite Hospital. It was where people comfort babies who are in the hospital because they are either premature or need special medical attention.

“When I first came to work for the hospital, they gave me a little baby to hold. And the child life person walked by and said, ‘Hey, you hold babies? I’ve got a job for you.’ And I just loved it.” – David Deutchman.

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The need for baby buddies is growing. Many parents are in a position where they have to work while their infants are in the hospital. But the children still need to be held and made happy. That’s exactly what Deutchman does.

But there’s just something about Deutchman that calms most babies down.

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Whenever the nurses hand Deutchman a screaming baby, the retiree cradles it, and in no time at all, the baby has calmed down. Babies just seem to love being held by Deutchman!

The nurses have also discovered that when Deutchman holds the babies, they react much better to potentially painful procedures, like injections. Of course, the babies still feel the procedures, but they are always much calmer in Deutchman’s hands.

Source: Great Big Story/YouTube

Angie Hawthorne, a clinical nurse expert who works at the hospital thinks she knows why Deutchman has such a strong positive effect on children:

“When he takes a baby into his arms, you can see the baby relax, because David’s so relaxed.”

Deutchman has had a whole new lease on life thanks to the way he’s helping the hospital. In fact, his message to other retirees who are not helping the world is simple: they should get off their butts and do something!

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In 2017, Deutchman had already comforted over 1,200 babies. Those babies’ parents were all incredibly grateful for his assistance during difficult times. But Deutchman has said that he feels like he’s the one who has benefitted the most from being a baby buddy.

A video Deutchman’s story then appeared on YouTube. And his hard work and zest for life really struck a chord with viewers.

In no time at all, this video had managed to gain over one million views. To date, it has gained more than 1.3 million views. It also has 44,000 likes and 2,200 comments. People have been saying things like this:

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Hopefully, Deutchman is able to help many more thousands more babies and their families in the future.

Deutchman really is breaking the stereotype of old retirees. Some people think that retirees just complain and do nothing to help society. But the truth, as “The Baby Whisperer” shows, is very different.

Source: Great Big Story/YouTube

Most retirees want nothing more than to help out and give assistance to the young people who really need it. People like Deutchman remember what it was like to be a young professional who suddenly had a family to balance. So he’s so glad that he can help out!

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