The babies were born at the 22nd week. How and where they are now

When babies are expected, the whole family does its best to submit the comfort for the mom in order to make all the inconveniences as neutral as possible.

However, not always all this help future moms to reach the desired week.

Sometimes babies, especially when there are two or more, decide to come to this world earlier.

And it would be ok, if early is just early and not too early.

The case of this twins is so rare.

They decided to be born at the 22nd week.

And good for the doctors, who managed to save them and now the whole family is fighting for their recovery.

First they were fighting for their lives.

And when the first battle was won they kept on and now they are out of the incubator, have gone through many operations.

And even with many health problems they still need to fight with, the twins keep their parents strong with the hope that soon all this will be over and they will return home as a happy family.