Meet Junior, a 2 months old baby that captivates everyone!

Chelsea Noon said it takes her two hours to shop instead of 40 minutes because so many people are stopping her to say Hello to her two-month-old baby, Junior.

But this baby likes to be the center of attention – and cries if she tries to wear a hat on him to speed things up.

«Junior was born with so much hair that he received the nickname – baby bear».

«All the midwives and visitors told us the hair will fall out because babies hair falls out when they rub against the top of the crib, but he didn’t lose hair, and the hair just continues to grow», said Chelsea.


«When I take him shopping with me everyone is looking at him and saying ‘OMG, look at that baby’s hair’, and they have to touch him. It doesn’t seem to bother him, and he’s smiling from the whole thing».

«People ask me if I’m going to trim his hair, but it’s so unique, so I’m not going to do it».

But she does dries his hair, because natural drying takes too long