A little girl suddenly joins the violinist, and an incredible thing happens Watch the video below to see for yourself

On the streets, the well-known young violinist Karolina Protsenko is playing “Levitating” by Dua Lipa. She dances while she plays, and she is adorable. She grinned as she joyfully and passionately played her song.

She spins while passersby record her act and admirers take in her talent. Numerous people, including many kids, are seated and watching as the camera pans about.

Karolina notices a young girl timidly approaching and walks over to her, dancing and playing the violin. The tiny girl starts dancing around freely and grinning at her mother as she enters the chorus.

Karolina approaches the girl again and dances with her while she plays the violin ferociously. This adorable little girl demonstrates her dance skills for everyone, and Karolina is overjoyed to have included her in the fun. Karolina gives the girl some music in a sweet time, and when Karolina dances again, the girl concentrates and imitates Karolina.

Even though Karolina is young in this video, she inspires and motivates a younger person to dance and join her. It prompts us to reflect on the wonderful gift of discipleship. one generation supporting the succeeding.

Here’s their wonderful video: