A mother from the USA pumped 52 liters of breast milk and gave it to newborn babies

Amanda Lanners is a mother of many children from South Dakota, who has made an invaluable contribution to the rescue of newborn children.

She handed over 52 liters of milk, expressed from her own breast, to the intensive care unit.

Every day a woman pumps about 2 liters of liquid, so it was not difficult for her to collect a kind of charitable “contribution”.

Since Amanda does not pour out milk, her freezer quickly overflowed with stocks of “valuable drink”, and the woman had to decide where to store the stock?



The idea to make a donation came to her after a conversation with a friend.

The woman found out that babies in the intensive care unit need nutrition, and the best option is female milk.

Mrs Lanners contacted a lactation consultant who advised her to contact a dairy bank.

There, the woman was asked to fill out documentation, had a blood test and found out about the medications and vitamins she was taking.

After 3-4 weeks, when all the documentation issues were closed, the frozen milk was transferred to the bank, from where it was then sent to the hospital.