They were given a choice: either they lose their daughter, or the triplets will be born prematurely…

“We will not choose from our children, we need everyone!” the parents firmly stated.

The youngest girl from the triplets, was born weighing only 600 grams and Chloe had to stay with her daughter in the hospital for several weeks.

But thank God, everything ended well.

All three children are alive and well!

Soon they were all reunited.

But the most interesting thing is that not only a happy dad was waiting for them at home, but also three more brothers.

Now the mother of six children leads a touching blog about the life of her rather big family (chloeandbeans — “Chloe and the beans”).

More than 350 thousand people have already subscribed to it, who simply adore this family and held their fists and prayed for them in a difficult moment.

If you’ve ever complained that raising two or three kids is hard, then look at Chloe.

It seems that this is the most serene and happy family despite what they had to go through.