The mother of three boys wanted a girl, and gave birth to a rainbow gear. What happiness

American Courtney Waldrop has three sons. The woman always dreamed of a daughter, so she and her husband decided on the 4th child. However, all attempts to get pregnant naturally failed. Then the couple turned to reproductive specialists and soon became the owner of rainbow gears.

The woman said that she and the wound had health problems that began after the birth of their first son. She became pregnant, but she could not bear the fetus until the due date, miscarriages occurred all the time. The couple had boys again. It seemed that it was possible to stop at three children. But Courtney and Eric Waldrop always dreamed of a big family and together decided that the boys needed a sister.

Again, attempts to get pregnant naturally and bear the baby were unsuccessful. The couple again turned to doctors for help, who chose such a course of treatment to minimize multiple pregnancies.

At the first ultrasound, the couple learned that they would become happy parents of six babies at once. The couple didn’t expect this. Doctors suggested that they have a selective abortion in order to reduce the number of fetuses and increase the chances of those remaining for full development and survival.

Carrying babies full term was an unrealistic task. Therefore, experts decided that Courtney would give birth at the 30th week. This period will give the kids a chance to survive. Now it was important to monitor the pregnancy and do everything to prevent a miscarriage.

At 25 weeks, experts advised Courtney to stay in bed and move as little as possible. All efforts have paid off. At 30 weeks she went into labor and on December 13 at 13:30 she had a caesarean section.

Interestingly, all six babies were born within a few seconds. And the birth took only 4 minutes. The couple’s dream of having a sister for their sons came true, even triple the size. The couple had three boys (Blue, Lake and Tag) and three girls (Rowlings, Rain and Rivers). “We consider babies a Christmas miracle. We are happy that now we have such a big family that we so dreamed of.