Flower Girl Stops In Middle Of Ceremony To Say ‘Hi’ To Daddy In Heartwarming Viral Video

Being a flower girl in a big wedding is hard work for a little girl! Much of the time, the flower girl has never had such a big responsibility at an important ceremony like a wedding, so it can be easy for her to make some mistakes.

Most of the women in the bridal party try their best not to upstage the bride on her big day, as the last thing they want is to see her go all “bridezilla” on them! However, the little flower girl in this video does not seem to have gotten that memo.

The video below opens with page boys and flower girls walking down the aisle to accompany the bride at a beautiful wedding. The little flower girl in question starts off doing her duties perfectly as she walks down the aisle. All is going well until she sees her father sitting on one side of the aisle…

As soon as she sees him, the girl immediately turns around and loudly says “Hi dad!” The congregation all burst into laughter at the adorable moment, and it’s safe to say the little flower girl stole the show, for a few minutes at least!

The bride didn’t seem to mind this little interruption, as even she was won over by the little girl’s cute innocence. In the end, the flower girl’s moment likely only added to the happiness to the bride’s special day!

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