Newborn Baby Refuses To Let Go Of Mother As She Holds Her For First Time

Any mother knows that there is nothing quite like the feeling of bringing a child into the world. Now, a video is going viral that perfectly exemplifies the immediate  bond between a mother and child.

Filmed in Brazil, the video shows Brenda Coelho de Souza, 25, holding her newborn daughter for the very first time.

Brenda, an administrative assistant, gave birth to her daughter Agata Ribeiro Coehlo on April 5 at the Santa Monica Hospital in Brazil. Doctors had to perform a C-section on Brenda, and it took awhile for her to finally be able to hold her baby.

The video shows Agata nuzzling and cradling her mother’s cheek. Though she has only been alive for a few minutes, Agata seems to know that Brenda is indeed her mother.

Some viewers have said that Brenda and Agata were engaging in skin-on-skin contact, which helps mothers and babies to bond.

“It was an incredible moment when my daughter hugged me for the first time,” Brenda recalled.

At the :25 second mark, Agata starts to whine as a nurse tries to pull her away from her mother.

People all over the world have been touched by this video, which has already been viewed over 9 million times!

“I don’t know, why tears in my eyes, while watching this video,” one social media user wrote.

“It’s amazing movement for every mom,” another added, with a third writing, “Wow looking soo cute God bless you”

It’s clear that Brenda and Agata are going to be one close mother daughter duo! Check out the video below, and SHARE this story so your friends and family can see this as well!