Newborn Twins Who Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born Refuse To Stop Hugging One Another

There is no stronger bond than the bond between a set of twins.

They come into the world together after spending nine months in the womb, and they immediately love each other with all their hearts.

A newly surfaced video is going viral this week that perfectly shows the amazing bond that twins share.

Minutes after these twins were born, French nurse Sonia Rochel grabbed her phone to record her signature bathing technique for newborns which she calls the “baby spa.”

What the twins, a boy and a girl, were doing in the video is adorable!


The twins do not seem to realize that they have been born yet!

The two babies continue to hold on to each other in a loving embrace as they’re bathed by the nurse.

It’s clear from the video how much the twins love each other, as they don’t want to be physically separated in any way!

Rochel is a 51 year-old nurse who is known for developing the “Thalasso bain bébé” for newborns.

In her technique, the babies are bathed and massaged for 15 minutes to the sound of relaxing music, without the use of any gels or creams.

Rochel’s goal is showing that bath time can be relaxing for parents and newborns alike!

The parents of these twins must be so excited to have a video of the close bond their babies already share.

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