They became parents for six offspring at once. Here is how they look today

Raising a little one is already a big responsibility.

If there are two in the family — and twice as much trouble.

Three… well, that’s a feat. And if there are six boys and girls and all were born on the same day…

This family is just a hero!

Meet the famous McGee family.

Mia and Rosonno McGee met in high school, it was love.

They understood each other, their families were not prosperous, but they experienced all the sorrows and troubles together.

Despite everything, they have created their own family, strong and happy.

They really wanted a little one, but 10 years of attempts did not bring results.

When the couple found out that they were expecting six little ones, they were both happy and scared: they wondered all the time how they could afford such a large family.

The picture of the family flew around the world, they were recognized, admired, envied.

An incredible family with six little ones. Oprah Winfrey invited this family to the studio for her show.

Thanks to her, they received a capital of $ 250,000.

A lot of caring people appeared in their lives, they donated diapers and offered to buy car seats for offspring.

And then they launched their own reality show “6 Little McGee”.

They shared the difficulties of a large family. they talked about education, etc. People liked this show. Soon the family was able to afford a bigger house.