The woman did not listen to the doctors and did not leave her daughter. She has become a real beauty

Kennedy Garcia lives in America. She is the third child in a family of five. The girl was born with serious illnesses – Down syndrome, leukemia and problems with the spine. Therefore, the doctors persuaded the mother of Rene Garcia to leave the baby in the hospital. But a nurse turned up in the hospital, who supported the woman and convinced her not to leave the child.

She said that if Rene is patient and works hard, such a child can go out and the girl will be able to live a normal life. In total, Kennedy performed more than twenty operations.

The first problem that had to be solved was the spine. At two years old, Kennedy was given metal fasteners around his neck and head that fixed the bones. Therefore, the girl could not move, she lay in bed for six months and watched dance videos all day long.

The girl was so carried away by this that when she was able to walk again, she immediately went to record in a dance studio. While doing what she loves, Kennedy realized that what matters is not how a person looks, but how well they do their job. The girl lived by dancing and strived to achieve the maximum.

But today, thanks to the support of her mother, Kennedy leads a busy life – she is a model for two clothing brands, participates in dance competitions, meets new people and participates in photo shoots. In addition, she often visits New York and Hollywood. She is invited to various auditions and to participate in television shows. And Kennedy is 15 years old.

According to the child’s mother, the girl’s life is absolutely different from the pictures that were painted for her in the hospital. Kennedy is a bright, beautiful, loving child, full of life. She is always looking for new adventures! Kennedy loves his family, goes to church, plays with his guinea pigs, eats mac and cheese, and dances.

Kennedy Garcia also has an Instagram page, which has over 68,000 followers and is run by her mother, hoping to protect her as much as possible from cruel or offensive comments.

The girl has a close friend. 19-year-old Matthew was also born with Down syndrome, but this did not stop him from working in the modeling business and acting. The guy is very purposeful, he stubbornly and patiently looked after Kennedy, and she agreed to become his girlfriend.

The parents of the children also became friends. Only Kennedy meets Matthew rarely, because they live in different cities. Mom is quite happy for her daughter.