Baby Born Without Limbs Grows Up Without Limits Thanks To Grandma’s Joke

Anyone who has worked outside knows that farming is hard work. It’s even harder without the use of your arms and legs, but that never stopped Chris Koch.

Chris was born without arms or legs. It takes four times the energy for Chris to do things you’d think of as “basic tasks,” like brushing your teeth or opening a door. Chris cannot legally drive a car, but he learned to drive a tractor at the age of 9.

Despite being delt a poor hand, Chris has grown into an incredible man who lives without remorse or regret. He owes his positive outlook on life thanks to his incredible family, particularly his grandmother.

Known for her dry and eccentric sense of humor, Chris’s grandmother once jokingly commented about his disability saying “Bruce (Chris’s father) never did finish anything he started.”

Hear more about Chris’s inspirational story in the video below.