The Toddler Friends Hug As If They Haven’t Seen Each Other In Years. But It’s Only Been 2 Days…

=Nowadays, people are so busy that they sometimes forget to see their best friends. It seems that not much time has passed since the last meeting. But in reality, it was a year, if not more than a year ago.

Children are always honest. They do what their heart tells them to do and have a lot to teach us. Even the same friendship.

A video of two-year-olds running towards each other has gone viral on the web.

Maxwell and his friend Finnegan didn’t see each other for just two days. But they thought it was too much and missed each other madly. Maxwell’s father posted the video on Facebook.

He also said the boys have known each other for a year now. They go to music lessons together and love to dance. If they don’t see each other, they always ask how their best friend is doing. They are inseparable.

Social media users have been touched by the strength of these children’s friendship. “I hope they will remain best friends for life”, “How cute! When we grow up, we unfortunately forget the importance of friendship”, “I wish adults were like those innocent children.