Stylist Gives 70-Year-Old Woman a Luxurious Rejuvenating Hairstyle So She Can Feel Like a 30-Year-Old Again

Beverly has been a cheerful and energetic woman all her life. She recently had surgery on her shoulder, so she is not yet able to take care of her hair and makeup.

And she decided to take a desperate step – to take a plane ticket and fly to the eminent stylist Christopher Hopkins for the Transformation project.

Hopkins has been transforming women for over 30 years, this is his hobby and main passion. I will show a couple of examples of his work, and then move on to the heroine.

Let’s return to our heroine Beverly. Here’s what she said:

I decided that if a woman from the UK was already able to fly to America for the sake of transformation, then I can even take a plane ticket and be with you in 2.5 hours.
Beverly still feels 30 years old inside, she says that all her life she was very active and cheerful.

Relatives were always surprised: “Where do you get so much energy?”.

However, with age, it became more difficult for her to maintain the same active rhythm of life. However, as long as she doesn’t look in the mirror, she feels like she’s in her 30s.

Because of this attitude, she had incidental situations. “Sometimes I automatically answer the question of age that I am 35.” All this is due to my perception of myself, I don’t feel old, I have a young soul.

However, age takes its toll, Beverly already has gray hair and she would like to paint it over. I myself was wondering what the stylist should do with such a cheerful and young at heart lady.

The gray hair was painted over, the hair was shortened, they made her a lush styling. Finally, I see light makeup that does not hurt the eyes.

And then no matter how you look at the work of our makeup artists on “Fashionable Sentence”, you want to cry so much, 9 out of 10 programs they only age women with makeup. They shove this “smoky eyes” anywhere, and then wonder why all their women look older after the transformation.

The daughter also flew in with her mother as moral support. She was surprised by the transformation. Beverly, when she saw herself in the reflection of the mirror, could not believe her eyes.

She said that such changes will help her feel young and energetic again, despite her surgeries and health problems.

It seems to me that from afar you can’t really distinguish which of them is older than the daughter or mother. The granddaughter and her whole family were also delighted with the transformation, it’s a pity they showed only the “before” and “after” shots. I would be interested to see the whole process.

Granddaughter evaluates her grandmother’s makeover via video call. She liked it.

And how do you like the transformation of the cheerful Beverly? Share your opinion in the comments.